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Learn to fly in sunny south africa

Our flight schools offer flying lessons in great ‘all year-round’ weather conditions - you can complete your PPL or CPL a lot faster than at home and do so in a sun-filled and fun-filled environment.

The low cost of pilot training in South Africa, combined with our endless summer climate, makes it the ideal learn to fly location. South African normally offers glorious sunny days, with little wind or rain in most parts of the country. No grey winter days when you cannot fly.

The cost of learning to fly may be low, but the pilot training is world-class. How come? Our weak Rand currency works to your advantage. In comparison to the UK, Europe, North America and many other countries, the prices of most goods and services are very low.

When you learn to fly in South Africa you get the highest quality of flight schools, aircraft and flying instructors. People are very friendly and we look forward to making you feel welcome.

Airborne offer quality flight training packages for:

  • Fixed Wing Private Pilot Licence (PPL)
  • Fixed Wing Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL)
  • Helicopter Private Pilot Licence (HPPL)
  • Helicopter Commercial Pilot Licence (HCPL)
  • Microlight Pilot Licence (MPL)
  • Conversions to a CAA approved South African Pilot Licence
  • Hour Building
  • Air Transport Pilots Licence (ATPL)

South Africa belongs to ICAO – International Civil Aviation Organisation

We highly recommend Durban as your choice destination. Tell me more…

Other destinations are available country wide, such as the Orange Free State, Pretoria and Cape Town. (Cape Town climate is a little different to the rest of the country, so if this is your choice of location, select your time of year carefully).

Samantha will make all your arrangements in advance. This includes your flying school, quality accommodation, medicals & X-rays. We will also assist with car hire or any other personal requirements. On arrival, you will be met and transported to your Guesthouse. Depending on your arrival time, arrangements will have been made to welcome you and introduce you to your flying school.

Compare this opportunity to those at home! You get quality flight training and accommodation, have the time of your life and experience the South African culture and scenic beauty - all at the same time!

Unique helicopter training - Combine the thrill of learning to fly with the excitement of game wildlife parks, mountain ranges, the sunshine, sea and surf of South Africa.

Like to know more about learning to fly at a South Africa flight school?


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